Your Herb Garden Landscape

Your Herb Garden Landscape

Growing Herbs in the Your Herb Garden Landscape

Your Herb Garden Landscape :
If you are interested in herbs you may already have a hankering to have your own herb garden. You have to use soil, water, sunshine and fertilizer to make it happen. Those are the basic requirements. One thing you cannot do is wait until you actually get the herbs. Planting and getting them growing are both happening right now, you just need to choose the right spots to plant them.

You have to plant them while they are small so that they do not grow to their full size. The earlier you plant them the better. The gap between your plants should be at least 6 inches to a foot and it should not be any smaller than 3 feet.

You may choose any season and any time to plant your herb seedlings. The moon fits in just right if you need the extra light. Herbs love the extra light and warmth.

The moon should be in the right sign to help you grow herbs. It is in sign of the waxing moon, which is in one of the following Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Libra, Taurus

Now that you have the information and calendar of the year you can pick the right time to start planting your herbs. Look in your calendar and plant your herbs then. Remember this date, you will start planting your annuals in the beginning of spring season.

Planting, watering, and growth

You have to make sure you are weeding your herbs so that they do not get out of control. The amount of weeds you have in your garden will depend on which type of herbs you use. I always check my plants for pests and weeds and remove them if you can.Planting too deep or too shallow may cause your herbs to be crabby. Herbaceous plants should be planted below the level of the ground, but it is okay if you bury a whole plant.

Another method of planting is row gardening. There are some great books on this, so I suggest you buy one of these. With row gardening you will be planting your crops in rows. They line up in straight rows. It is amazing but not messy. They go up the sides of your bed and you plant your seeds in between. They grow evenly. They are beautiful.

Mini-Herb Garden: What to grow in it?

Your mini herb garden can be really cheap. A lot of people sell their excess herbs and give them away for free. So it is up to you, how much herb garden containers you will use. But here are some great things to planted in your mini herb garden.

It is up to you with what to plant in your mini herb garden. I suggest you make it nice and relaxing andnas both pleasant and delicious. It is very convenient if you pick your herbs right there and then.I prefer to dry some of my harvest, just in case.Drying will keep your herbs close to you and make them more convenient. storage is always an option, keeping them in a cool and dry environment is best.When planting in pots, you will need to be able to easily move them. You can always plant the herb in a pot and keep them in the kitchen, or you could bring them inside and have Gingers for yourTea!

The last thing you should consider is the water when using pots.I suggest use a drier pot than what you would use if planting in the ground.

Container Gardening:

Use decorative pots to plant your mini herb garden.Use bigger pots to plant herbs that will grow big.

They just need more water and fertilizer since they are not in the ground, these need more water.

Grouping plants in big pots instead of rows saves space.

Mini herb garden kits are available on store! Enjoy the journey and the rewards.