Growing Fuchsia in Water

Growing Fuchsia in Water Growing Fuchsia in Water Fuchsias are tender flowering plants that don’t mind growing in slightly alkaline, nutrient poor soils but need good drainage to avoid root rot. They are often associated with water shortages and often come from countries in Latin America, where the problem of soil erosion is a very […]

The Fascinating Black Magic Roses

The Fascinating Black Magic Roses If you think this article is about the lovely cherry red rose,oy! If you think again. We are discussing the black magic roses, the rarest and black rose in existence. Some times we are given treasures that are difficult to understand, but in all actuality, they are the rarest of […]

Your Herb Garden Landscape

Growing Herbs in the Your Herb Garden Landscape Your Herb Garden Landscape : If you are interested in herbs you may already have a hankering to have your own herb garden. You have to use soil, water, sunshine and fertilizer to make it happen. Those are the basic requirements. One thing you cannot do is […]

Grow Upside Down Tomatoes

6 Easy Tips on How to Grow Upside Down Tomatoes Grow Upside Down Tomatoes : Tomatoes are always found in almost everything that we use in our daily lives such as breads, cake, fish and the list is endless. We even use them in recipes to make them taste better. It is because of its […]

House Plants and Your Health

Brilliant Corners: House Plants and Your Health House Plants and Your Health : Although many of us cannot deny the emotional benefits of filling our house with various breathing green things, we usually do not have the luxury of having a garden in our house. For those who are house-loving, it is sometimes a reality. […]